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Over the past 15 years, ASMC now ExSol has been associated with several industries and sectors. This includes Trading, Retail, Rental, IT, Advertising, Medical, Media, Sports, Healthcare and may others. Every sector can tap into and benefit from the vast experience ExSol possesses having served different industries in various countries.

Vendor Management
VAT Consulting
Book Keeping
Back Office Support



Once ExSol signs a yearly agreement with a client, we assign a Business Executive to look after the client accounts. We follow a three-tier approach to get the job done efficiently:

1. Assigns a Team Member to undertake the regular tasks of Business.

2. Team Member to report to Business Manager who is in-charge

3. Business Manager reports to the Lead Consultant regularly, who verifies and scrutinizes the records before issuing the report.


  • High quality work at low-cost
  • A qualified and experienced team will be working with you regularly, with once a week office visits
  • Checks and balances will be installed at every stage
  • On-time delivery of work to meet stringent deadlines
  • Highly experienced team of Consultants, Accountants and Marketers
  • Your organization saves tremendously on costs associated with doing the same tasks in-house
  • Regular, uninterrupted service, similar to in-house work
  • Removes unwarranted risks, challenges from employees leaving mid-project and provides backup
  • No hidden costs or surprises


    Regular Work

  • Maintain Accounting Books on regular basis
  • Reconciliation of Accounting Ledgers and Bank Statements
  • Reconciliation with head office accounts if necessary
  • Report the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss accounts monthly
  • Prepare detailed schedules on every item on the balance sheet
  • Keep track of Budgets
  • Clarify queries by clients and authorized personnel when required
  • Other work specific to your organization

   Monthly Reports

  • Sales Report
  • Detailed Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Comparison of monthly expenses for control
  • Balance Sheets showing the position of the company every month
  • Schedules to the Balance Sheet explaining the position and movement of Assets
  • Bank Reconciliation, Salary Analysis & Cash Flow every month
  • Stock Movement
  • Customer Statement
  • Any other reports specifically required


Our team member will visit your office periodically (weekly/monthly) to update transactions.


All work delivered by the assigned Team Member(s) will be supervised by ExSol's Senior Consultants. Also, all Management Reports will be produced by the Senior team.